The Flex Leasing Service Team

Dedicated, Factory Trained, Certified Service

Flex Leasing Power and Service supplies remote sites with the highest uptime power with its skidded or trailered Flex Turbine® packaged solution.  Monitored and serviced by the factory direct Flex Leasing Service team, critical power sites are run with the best technology by highest quality people.  The 24/7 monitoring, data collection and service are included with our lease packages.

24/7 Monitoring & Service

We connect and monitor every Flex Turbine® deployed. Our performance data and monitoring system collects operating data several times each second. Our top notch service team is ready, standing by 24/7 to respond to alerts and shutdowns communicated by any Flex Turbine®.


24/7 Data Collection

The operating data is collected and available for effective analysis while monitoring instruments and overall system performance. This provides the health and operating condition of the Flex Turbine® and the overall site operations data. The each site’s peak load and load variations (minimum to maximum) is available to the producer to optimize their operations.

24/7 Data Monitoring

Complex Power Projects, Micro-grids, Fuel Conditioning

Our team has the experience and the know how to make those projects work for you.

Flex Leasing Power and Service people are experienced in the energy industry, developing various innovative energy projects over the past 25+ year. The technical team is able to apply past experience and create new solutions for distributed power generation projects. We can engineer, manage and lease solutions to meet the specific demands of any application using world class products such as the durable and reliable Flex Turbine® power products.